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Thursday, October 28, 2004:

As you can see I am completely redesigning my website.  My original website was built in 1993, while I was a graduate student at Purdue University.  Back in those days, it seemed everything was a distraction from writing my thesis, including toying with the new thing called world wide web developed while I was at CERN.  I would love to say I was a visionary, and when I first saw a web browser, thought it was the wave of the future.  But no, I had my emacs, and xarchie and did not see the need for a web browser.


Today the web is different.  Everyone has access to the Internet, even those up to no good.  Posting personal information invites identity theft, and family photos invite predators.  The web has also changed in positive ways.  There is so much useful and interesting information that trivial things like my attempts to colorize an old black and white photo, or custom dart boards are just boring in comparison.  Consequently, I decided it is time to redesign my website from the ground up.  Private information will be password or IP address protected, and public information will be carefully selected.


Thanks to the magic of http://web.archive.org/ you can still visit old versions of my website.  If there is information you find interesting, please send me an e-mail and ask that I incorporate the relevant page in the new website.