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Document Imaging Publications

  1. Overview of the DjVu Document Compression Technology.
    By Y. LeCun, L. Bottou, P. Haffner, J. Triggs, B. Riemers, and L. Vincent.
    Available at
    Published in Proc. SDIUT'01, Symposium on Document Image Understanding Technologies, (Columbia, MD), p. 119-122, April. 2001.
  2. DjVu Document Browsing with On-Demand loading and rendering of image components.
    By Y. LeCun, L. Bottou, A. Erofeev, P. Haffner, and B. Riemers.
    Available at
    Published in Internet Imaging, (San Jose), Jan. 2001.
  3. DjVu: Un Systeme de Compression d'Images pour la Distribution Reticulaire de Documents Numerises. (DjVu: an image compression system for distributing scanned document on the Internet).
    By Leon Bottou, P. Haffner, Y. LeCun, Howard P., P. Vincent, and B. Riemers. 2000. 10pp.
    Available at
    Published in Conference Internationale Francophone sur L'Ecrit et le Document, (Lyon, France), July 2000.
  4. Color Documents on the Web with DjVu.
    By P. Haffner, Y. LeCun, Leon Bottou, Howard P., P. Vincent, and B. Riemers. 1999. 5pp.
    Available at
    Published in International Conference on Image Processing, (Kobe, Japan), pp. 239-243, Oct. 1999.

Physics Publications

  1. L3 Experiment.
    By L3 Collaboration (B.Debye et al.). 1997.
    Published in Experiments at CERN in 1997 (Grey Book) B W Powell CERN, Geneva, 322-328, 1997
  2. Measurement of Inclusive OMEGA and ETA-PRIME Production in Hadronic Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-171, 1996.19pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-171/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B393:465-476,1997
  3. Study of the Weak Charged Hadronic Current in B Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.) CERN-ppe96-170, 1996. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-170/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B393:477-486,1997
  4. Search for Exclusive B Decays to J/PSI and ETA or PI0 with the L3 Detector.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.) CERN-ppe96-152, 1996.15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-152/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B391:481-490,1997
  5. Search for Neutral B Meson Decays to Two Charged Leptons.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-151, 1996. 8pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-151/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B391:474-480,1997
  6. Measurement of the Lifetime of the TAU Lepton.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-124, 1996. 14pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-124/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B389:187-196,1996
  7. Search for Neutral Higgs Boson Production Through the Process E+E- --> Z* H0.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-095, 1996. 24pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B385:454-470,1996
  8. Measurement of the B(D)0 Meson Oscillation Frequency.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-073, 1996. 19pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-073/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B383:487-498,1996
  9. Search for New Particles in Hadronic Events with Isolated Photons.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-050, 1996. 17pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-050/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B388:409-418,1996
  10. Measurement of the Branching Ratios B --> E NEUTRINO X, MU NEUTRINO X, TAU-NEUTRINO X and NEUTRINO X.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-049, 1996. 27pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-049/
    Published in Z.Phys.C71:379-390,1996
  11. Observation of Multiple Hard Photon Final States at S**(1/2) = 130-GeV - 140-GeV at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-048, 1996. 16pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-048/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B384:323-332,1996
  12. Measurement of the Michel Parameters and the Average TAU-NEUTRINO Helicity from TAU decays in E+E- --> TAU+ TAU-.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-046, 1996. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-046/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B377:313-324,1996
  13. Search for Unstable Sequential Neutral and Charged Heavy Leptons in E+E- Annihilation at S**(1/2) = 130-GeV and 136-GeV.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-038, 1996. 14pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-038/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B377:304-312,1996
  14. Search for Supersymmetric Particles at 130-GeV < S**(1/2) < 140-GeV at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-029, 1996. 22pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-029/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B377:289-303,1996
  15. Measurement of Muon Pair Production at 50-GeV < S**(1/2) < 86-GeV at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe96-024, 1996. 18pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe96-024/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B374:331-340,1996
  16. Study of the Structure of Hadronic Events and Determination of ALPHA-S at S**(1/2) = 130-GeV and 136-GeV.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-192, 1995. 20pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-192/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B371:137-148,1996
  17. Measurement of Hadron and Lepton Pair Production at 130-GeV < S**(1/2) < 140-GeV at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-191, 1995. 27pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-191/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B370:195-210,1996
  18. Search for Excited Leptons in E+E- Annihilation at S**(1/2) = 130-GeV - 140-GeV.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-190, 1995. 16pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-190/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B370:211-221,1996
  19. Measurement of ETA Production in Two and Three Jet Events From Hadronic Z Decays at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-182, 1995 .
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-182/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B371:126-136,1996
    Published in 25th International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics Stara Lesna, Slovakia ; 12 - 16 Sep 1995.
    Published in Proceedings D Bruncko, L Sándor and J Urbán World Sci., Singapore (528-536 ).
  20. A Search for Muon Channel Lepton Flavor Violations in Z Boson Decays at LEP.
    By Bill C Riemers (Purdue U.). UMI-95-2432-mc (microfiche), Ph.D. Thesis, Dec 1994. 79pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/thesis/
  21. Search For the Decays B(D)0 --> GAMMA GAMMA and B(S)0 --> GAMMA GAMMA.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-136, 1995. 13pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-136/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B363:137-144,1995
  22. Study of the K$^{0}_{s}$K$^{0}_{s}$ final state in two-photon collisions.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-118, 1995. 15pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B363:118-126,1995
  23. Search for Neutral Charmless B Decays at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-124, 1995. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-124/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B363:127-136,1995
  24. Spatial Resolution and Induction Crosstalk Effects in the L3 Muon Drift Chambers at LEP-2.
    By A. Bujak, L.J. Gutay, T. McMahon, B. Riemers, B.C. Stringfellow (Purdue U.), U.J. Becker, J.D. Burger (MIT,LNS). 1995
    Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A354:288-295,1995
  25. One Prong TAU Decays With Neutral Kaons.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-042, 1995. 17pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B352:487-497,1995
  26. Evidence For Gluon Interference in Hadronic Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-049, 1995. 15pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B353:145-154,1995
  27. Tests of QED at LEP Energies Using E+E- --> GAMMA GAMMA (GAMMA) and E+E- --> LEPTION+ LEPTON- GAMMA GAMMA.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-041, 1995. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-041/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B353:136-144,1995
  28. Search For Neutralinos in Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-014, 1995 .
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-014/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B350:109-119,1995
    Published in 1st International Four Seas Conference Trieste, Italy ; 25 Jun - 1 Jul 1995 .
    Published in Proceedings A K Gougas, Y Lemoigne, M Pepe-Altarelli, P Petroff and C E Wulz CERN, Geneva, 1997 CERN-97-06 ( 139-143 ).
  29. Measurement of Weak Charged Current Structure in Semileptonic B Hadron Decays at the Z Peak..
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe95-005, 1995. 18pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe95-005/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B351:375-386,1995
  30. Measurement of Energetic Single Photon Production at LEP..
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-216, 1994. 15pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B346:190-198,1995
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-216/
  31. Search for Anomalous Z --> GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA Events at LEP..
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-186, 1994. 14pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B345:609-616,1995
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-186/
  32. Measurement of Exclusive Branching Fractions of Hadronic One Prong Tau Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-178, 1994. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-178/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B345:93-102,1995
    Published in 8th Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society - DPF '94 Albuquerque, NM, USA ; 2 - 6 Aug 1994.
    Published in Proceedings S Seidel World Sci., Singapore, 1995.
  33. Energy and Particle Flow in Three Jet and Radiative Two Jet Events from Hadronic Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-164, 1994. 17pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-164/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B345:74-84,1995
  34. A Measurement of TAU Polarization at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-145, 1994. 21pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-145/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B341:245-256,1994
  35. B* Production in Z Decays at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-143, 1994. 12pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-143/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B345:589-597,1995
  36. Measurement of B0 - ANTI-B0 Mixing Parameter and The Z --> B ANTI-B Forward - Backward Asymmetry.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-089]. 1994. 16pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-089/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B335:3-4:542-553,1994
  37. Measurement of Inclusive B --> TAU-NEUTRINO X Branching Ratio.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-068, 1994. 13pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-068/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B332:201-208,1994
  38. Measurement of Inclusive Production of Neutral Hadrons from Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-053, 1994. 19pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-053/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B328:223-233,1994
  39. Measurement of Cross Sections and Leptonic Forward - Backward Asymmetries at the Z Pole and Determination of Electroweak Parameters.
    By L3 Collaboration (M.Acciarri et al.). CERN-ppe94-045, 1994. 71pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe94-045/
    Published in Z.Phys.C62:551-576,1994
  40. A Study of Four-Fermion Processes at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-207, 1993. 19pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-207/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B321:283-294,1994
  41. Measurement of ETA(C) Production in Untagged Two Photon Collisions at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-173, 1993. 14pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-173/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B318:575-582,1993
  42. Search for Lepton Flavour Violation in Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-151, 1993. 16pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-151/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B316:427-434,1993
  43. CHI(C) Production in Hadronic Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-166, 1993. 12pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-166/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B317:467-473,1993
  44. Measurement of the Average Lifetime of B Hadrons.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-158, 1993. 17pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-158/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B317:474-484,1993
  45. An S Matrix Analysis of the Z Resonance.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-150, 1993. 12pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-150/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B315:494-502,1993
  46. Inclusive Search For the Charmless Radiative Decay of the B Quark (B --> S GAMMA).
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-126, 1993. 16pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-126/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B317:637-646,1993
  47. Determination of the Effective Electroweak Mixing Angle from Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-068, 1993. 18pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-068/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B309:451-462,1993
  48. Measurement of GAMMA (B ANTI-B) / GAMMA (HAD) From Hadronic Decays of the Z.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-060, 1993. 14pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-060/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B307:237-246,1993
  49. Search for a Z-PRIME at the Z Resonance.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-044, 1993. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-044/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B306:187-196,1993
  50. Search for Narrow Vector Resonances in the Z Mass Range.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-037, 1993. 13pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-037/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B313:326-332,1993
  51. Results from the L3 Experiment at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-031, 1993. 202pp.
    Published in Phys.Rep.236:1-146,1993
  52. A Search for the Neutral Higgs Boson at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe93-030, 1993. 16pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe93-030/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B303:391-399,1993
  53. A High Resolution Muon Detector.
    By Muon Group of the L3 Collaboration (A.Bujak et al.). 1992 .
    Published in 6th International Wire Chamber Conference : Wire Chambers : Recent Trends and Alternative Techniques, Vienna, Austria ; 17 - 21 Feb 1992.
    Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.323:109-124,1992(No.3)
  54. Determination of Quark Electroweak Couplings from Direct Photon Production in Hadronic Z Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe92-209, 1992. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe92-209/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B301:136-144,1993
  55. Search for Anomalous Production of Single Photon Events in E+E- Annihilations at the Z Resonance.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe92-185, 1992. 15pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe92-185/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B297:469-476,1992
  56. Search for Isosinglet Neutral Heavy Leptons in Z0 Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe92-164, 1992. 20pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe92-164/
    Published in Phys.Lett.B295:371-382,1992
  57. Search for Nonminimal Higgs Bosons in Z0 Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe92-163, 1993. 63pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe92-163/
    Published in Z.Phys.C57:355-382,1993
  58. High Mass Photon Pairs in LEPTON+ LEPTON- GAMMA GAMMA Events at LEP.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe92-152, 1992. 20pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett.B295:337-346,1992
  59. A Measurement of TAU Polarization in Z0 Decays.
    By L3 Collaboration (O.Adriani et al.). CERN-ppe92-132, 1992. 23pp.
    Available at http://docbill.foxtrottechnologies.net/cgi-bin/papers.pl/ppe92-132/

  60. Published in Phys.Lett.B294:466-478,1992